It is the wild Nature where we find mycorrhizal fungous spawn, extract it, isolate, breed and select the best kinds to offer our customers.
We see future in bright colors, as people from Gibraltar to Charkov and Yalta are interested in mycorrhiza. We provide services and conduct experiments in different European countries, because mycorrhizal fungi are needed almost everywhere they are very high valued. 

Truffles are the “fruit” of fungi that live in mutually beneficial (ectomycorrhizal) symbioses with the roots of host trees. The truffle fungus explores the soil for water and mineral nutrients, which it passes along to the tree. In exchange, the tree provides sugars produced through photosynthesis to the fungus. The tree and the fungus depend on one another. In nature, fungi compete for space on the host tree’s root system. This competition limits truffle production, and if conditions are poor, other fungi can displace the truffle fungus from the root system.
With good quality seedlings, the establishment and management of a truffiere is straightforward and potentially profitable even on a small scale. 

Our seedlings inoculated while they are still in the nursery give the truffles the advantage of being there first. It is more difficult for other fungi to become established on roots. This factor, by itself, gives advantage to our clients to cultivate truffles within their native habitat, despite the presence of many other fungus species well adapted to the same soil conditions.
We isolate roots of the trees and bushes from carefully chosen ecosystems. The fungi which inhabit these roots are then isolated, cleaned and reproduced in our laboratory. After the reproduction they are usually tested on living plants and the best sorts are then selected for commercial and practical use.


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