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Money-making bonus:
It is proven that truffles can grow on olive tree roots, ALL OUR MYCORRHIZA CONTAINS TRUFFLES.  
The inoculation of olive orchard results in higher yields of better fruit quality.  
The final effect is 40% increase of olive yield, what directly affects farmers’ income.  
Return of mycorrhization cost is possible in the first growing season.

Trials and results:
One of our trials was performed, in spring 2012 in Croatia, at the organic olive orchard located in Istria just at Italian border (www.omajolas.com).
The two rows of cultivars of olive trees were inoculated. In October that year fruit was sampled.
Differences in size of fruit are visible and results of measurements have confirmed that:
•    difference of weight is within the range of 35% what considering the fact that from inoculation to harvesting passed just few months is very good effect.?
•    It has to be mentioned that trees are already relatively high and they are regularly harvested.  
•    Each tree received six injections around the trunk. So rapid beneficial results of mycorrhization indicate effectiveness of our inocula and that olive trees started symbiosis with them.  
•    Results of chemical analyses show that mycorrhiza resulted in higher oil content and some modifications in this compostition.  
Please note that on pictures are the same numbers of fruit.


Mycorrhiza and apples
After two growing seasons in fruit 40% increment of pectin content was found. It means that apples from mycorrhized trees have better nutritional value and they are better raw material for processing.  
Read more: http://www.mykoflor.pl/cms/index.php/en/news

Mycorrhiza and grapes
After performing analyses of grapes collected from Swiss experimental vineyards it appeared that because of mycorrhizal inoculation contents of desirable antocyjans and phenolic compounds were higher than in control grapes.  
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