Growing of grapes for vine production causes a lot of problems which can be diminished by inoculation of plants with specific ectomycorrhizal fungi. Contrary to opinions of many mycologists we were able to isolate such a fungi from natural habitats where grapes were grown. Our experiments run for last few last years have proved that inoculation of vineyards with ectomycorrhizas isolated from such habitats can be effective. It has to be stressed that inoculation is done once during vineyard lifespam.



For grapevine growers production effects of mycorrhization done at the plants are most essential. The impact of fungi can be observed as:

  • reduction of soil draught effects;
  • limitation of the occurrence of root diseases (Armillaria sp., Fusarium, Phythophthora sp.);
  • improvement of plant supply with water and mineral nutrients;
  • higher yield showing better quality indices (high sugar, polypheols and antocyjanes and trace elements contents).



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