Mycorrhiza and mycorrhizal services

Mycorrhizal symbiosis is, above all, nutritious relation between a fungus and a plant. In exchange for part of carbohydrates which a fungus collects from the root of a plant, it gains substantial aid in accessing nutritious elements in the soil.
The most important function of mycorrhizal fungi is their ability to build a "bridge" connecting the plant to the soil: hyphae of the fungi penetrate and colonize roots of a plant on one hand, on the other hand - they establish direct contact to the soil.

Thanks to a 1000-fold increase in the soil-penetrating abilities of the fungi-root system of the host plant, the flow of water and nutritious elements improves substantially, enhancing growth opportunities of the plant. By building a balance of mutual nutrition, mycorrhizal plants are more vivacious and competitive in conquering their ecosystems than plants without mycorrhiza.
It is only our company that offers a wide range of fungous spawn kinds and, simultaneously, owns a unique technology of mycorrhization, which enables introduction of mycorrhizal fungi into the roots system of an already growing orchards, and large tree.
Our company refined, both hardware and methods necessary to professionally perform the mycorrhization procedures including mycorrhization application in vineyards.
Ask us about special offer for the first professionals who would like to make mycorrhization of bigger areas.

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